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Forum Founders

This Position on the Forum is reserved only for the Creators of the Forum, The original Founder and Co-founder. The duties of the Forum Founders is to Administer the Forum at all times. They are in charge of the Administration an make sure All staff are doing their jobs correctly. They have full authority to make any changes to the forum as seen fit (Styles, Ranks, Groups, Badges, Ect.) They can also have any final say in decisions that will affect the Forum. They're Contributions to the Forum are very important to keep it Operating without trouble.


Forum Administrators are the Staff of the Forum that also play a role in Administration of the Forum. They handle daily Operations of the forum and should regularly report problems to the Founders. They will also monitor the Moderators to make sure that they are doing their jobs correctly. The Head Administrator of the group has the permissions to perform any major changes to the forum, that is needed, if approved by any of the Founders. They can send mass PMs and Emails in the case of emergencies as well. Administrators are important to the successful operation of the Forum.

Global Moderators

Moderators are basically a police force on the Forum. They monitor the forums for anything that breaks the rules and gets rid of it. They are allowed to use the warning system and are also allowed to ban members for valid reasons. Moderators can be contacted for any reasons concerning any kind of bullying or abuse, in this case it must be forwarded to and Administrator to handle the problem. Moderators also help in the posting of important announcements. The Head Moderator will be left to decide certain things for his/her Moderators.

Forum Veterans

Our Veterans... These people have served SZP well and are no longer on the Staff, these people have done the best they could working for us and have done a lot. To show our appericiation we made the group so those users stand out and so we may thank them for their service. Forum Vterans are still, however, allowed to moderate a few forums. If you see a user with an ornage name, thank them.


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